Bethesda-based Lockheed Martin said Monday that it would trim its planned furloughs to about 2,400 employees—most of whom are based in the D.C. area—in light of the Pentagon’s decision to recall most of its civilians workers.

The defense contractor had said Friday that it would have to place about 3,000 of its roughly 120,000 employees on furlough because of the federal government shutdown. The firm warned that number would likely grow over time.

But over the weekend, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced that he would order back more than 90 percent of the agency’s civilians who had been told to stay home.

Lockheed said Monday that the Pentagon’s decision would not eliminate the effect of the shutdown on the firm and that about 2,400 employees would have to stay home “because the civil government facility where they perform their work is closed, or we’ve received a stop-work order on their DOD or civil government program.”

About 2,100 of the workers to be furloughed work on civilian agency programs, and 300 work on Pentagon programs, Lockheed said. While there are affected employees in 27 states, the company said the majority are based in the D.C. area.

Meanwhile, Hartford-based United Technologies, which had planned to furlough nearly 2,000 workers this week, with more to come, said Sunday that it has canceled those plans since the Pentagon’s announcement.

In a statement, the company credited its decision to the Pentagon’s recall of Defense Contract Management Agency inspectors, who oversee contract performance.