In specifying exactly what it is looking for, the General Services Administration has narrowed the possible locations for a new FBI headquarters. The short list of transportation requirements in the solicitation the GSA issued recently are more restrictive, as the agency is looking for 50 acres within two miles of a Metrorail station and within two-and-a-half miles of the Capital Beltway.

Given those requirements and the availability of large pieces of land, the real estate services firm Jones Lang LaSalle created a map of possible landing places.

(Courtesy of Jones Lang LaSalle)

The GSA has other requirements and preferences. Absence of nearby hazards, such as airports, biological research facilities or railroads, is preferred, as is minimal environmental impact, meaning wetlands or floodplains are not ideal.

Locations near community facilities such as hospitals, schools, day care centers and utilities are not preferred.

Greenbelt and Springfield, as the map notes, are the preferred locations of elected leaders in Maryland and Virginia. The D.C. government has proposed Poplar Point.

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