Tysons Corner-based MicroStrategy will resume quarterly earnings calls with investors after nearly 10 years, the company announced Wednesday, a decision that follows criticism of Michael Saylor’s stewardship as chief executive.

Several large investors complained of Saylor’s habit of remaining mum on the company’s strategic and financial future. They also asserted that Saylor appeared disengaged with day-to-day operations at the business intelligence firm, opting instead to spend more time at his Miami mansion or vacationing on his yachts.

The company, in response, defended Saylor’s performance as chief executive, calling him a visionary and saying the founder was as involved as ever.

Investors and Wall Street analysts won’t get all the insight they’re after when those calls resume after the second quarter: “The company intends to continue its current practice of not providing forward-looking revenue or earnings guidance,” according to a news release.

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