One of NASA’s old contract programs is learning new tricks.

NASA officials began market research last year for the follow-on to a government-wide acquisition contract that supplies federal agencies with IT equipment and services.

The latest incarnation of NASA’s Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement, or SEWP V, program reflects the interest in market trends such as increased data collection, strategic sourcing, supply chain risk management and increased use of cloud computing.

The contract vehicle’s value and duration are set to increase. The performance period will grow by three years to a 10-year base, while the ceiling value rises to $20 billion.

SEWP contracts are used by all federal agencies and generate around 25,000 orders per year, so contractors are keeping an eye on this follow-on opportunity. At around $90,000 per order, the contract vehicle has averaged $2 billion in reported annual spending for the past three years.

Meanwhile, the number of competition or contractor groups is shrinking to four, a move expected to reduce costs for both industry and government.

In a recent interview, NASA program manager Joanne Woytek noted two more changes in this version of SEWP.

Contractors will have to provide more details about their supply chains so agencies are aware of potential risks and costs as products move from manufacturers to government customers.

Agencies will be tasked with collecting more contract usage data to understand their buying patterns, primarily in support of strategic sourcing, a process meant to help organizations optimize their buying.

The draft request for proposals for SEWP V is open for comment. The NASA program office plans to review the feedback and is expected to release a final solicitation in late June.

Under that timetable, vendors would then have until early August to submit proposals, and the new program would begin in 2014.

Kyra Fussell is a senior research analyst at Herndon-based Deltek, which conducts research on the government contracting market and can be found at

Dates of note

May 3

Draft solicitation comments due.

June 24

Approximate solicitation release.

August 8

Approximate proposal due date.