Nationals Park seating diagram. (The Washington Post/The Washington Post)

The good news for the Washington Nationals is that the team at long last is close to selling out its Lexus President’s Club seats — those 400 pricey, padded perches behind home plate at Nationals Park.

Valerie Camillo, the team’s chief revenue and marketing officer, said the team has sold nearly 80 percent of its Lexus seats this year, which are priced between $225 and $375.

The seats come with food, soda, wine and beer — all of which will be delivered to your seat if you can’t tear yourself away from the game.

The bad news is this: Lexus Club seats will no longer be available to be redeemed for the loyalty points season ticket plan holders receive through a program called Red Carpet Rewards.

“The point system is staying in place for everything else, but, and it pains me to say this, the one thing different is there are no more Lexus Club seats,” Camillo said.

Because of the demand, Camillo said, the team is adding 56 seats — previously reserved for those who have access to the PNC Home Plate box — to the Lexus seating area.

Camillo said the team is enhancing other services for its full- and half-season ticket holders as part of its Nats Plus program, now being sent to its current ticket plan holders. Those extras include access to players and coaches, on-field experiences and bigger discounts at stadium retail and food-and-beverage stands.

Factoid of the week

1,200That’s the number of miles of steel cable used in building Lot 31, the residential/retail office project near completion in downtown Bethesda. The $200 million project will include 88 high-end condominiums in the Darcy, and 162 apartments in its neighboring building, the Flats. The project has been under construction for nearly two years and has created 700,000 man-hour construction jobs. It is a joint production by StonebridgeCarras and PN Hoffman. The giant underground parking garage, which will fit 1,250 vehicles in its 3-acre footprint, is one of the largest that construction executive Adrian J. Mirani, who works for Clark Construction Group, the general contractor, ever worked on.

Vroom, vroom

Washington has been very, very good to Maserati.

A new dealership recently opened in Arlington, the sister store of Dulles-located Maserati of Washington, hoping to capi­tal­ize on the growing wealth and disposable income in this region.

The new showroom on South Glebe Road is temporary. It will be replaced by an 18,000-square-foot store in a few months. The new Maserati store is in good company, with Audi, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes all within a short distance.

The Buzz interviewed Maserati of Arlington General Sales Manager Alex Macatuno to ask him about the new business move. His remarks have been edited for clarity and length.

Why did you open the new store?

Maserati sales are up well over 300 percent for the year. We think there’s demand around the Beltway for luxury cars. There’s so much wealth developing in the Arlington community, and we want to be part of it.

It’s just unbelievable.

Who is the typical Maserati customer?

The demographics of the new Maserati are no different than a Mercedes, BMW or Porsche buyer. You are looking at mid-40s on average. Someone who is looking for something different.

The buyer is usually a professional with a higher combined household income. It is usually someone who has owned a luxury car in the past. We have trade-ins of high-end Mercedes, BMWs, Audis and Porsches.

Do women buy them?

Women get more excited about driving Maseratis than traditional cars. The cars have got a lot more zip, a very distinct exhaust sound. They take high-test fuel.

Speaking of mileage ...

We get 20 miles to the gallon, on average. Our GranTurismo MC gets 17 miles to the gallon.

What cool stuff is in the car?

We are not a gadget car. This is a driver’s car. You don’t buy this car for the lane-change display.

What is the price range?

People thought every Maserati was over $100,000. It’s more affordable with the new Ghibli, which starts at $66,900. You can go as much as $170,000. Usually it’s an eight-cylinder

Why do they spend so much on a car?

They are tired of driving the same thing over and over. Our cars handle better. We definitely have a lot more horsepower.

How many Maseratis does a salesman have to sell to make money?

Like any other luxury car, at least eight to 10 a month.