I like to think I’m reasonably tech savvy, hardly the sort of person to fall for some e-mail phishing expedition. And then the message from Verizon landed in my inbox, informing me that my $1,428.67 bill was due.

Panic. As the father of a family of smartphone users, I’ve learned the hard way to keep close tabs on cellphone usage. I nearly clicked on the link in the e-mail to start investigating, when I paused.

Why would Verizon be sending this to my work address?

It didn’t. The e-mail was a scam, or perhaps something more nefarious, an attempt to infiltrate the newspaper's computers.

My experience is far from unusual. Last week, The Washington Post’s Robert O’Harrow Jr. described in a front page story just how rampant such incidents have become and how vulnerable companies and government agencies can be to attacks aimed at their individual employees.

The problem is becoming a growing preoccupation of Washington area enterprises, which is one reason why we decided to focus this special issue of Capital Business on cybersecurity.

Our regular subscribers will probably find the format familiar; we retained our traditional news sections and features in an attempt to show how no sector is going untouched by this modern plague.

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Dan Beyers,
Capital Business Editor