Company: PNC Financial Services Group.

Location: 200 branches and offices in the Washington area.

When Susan Toewe Koerner’s husband started a new job last week, her family’s child-care routine was thrown a bit off track. He was keeping a new schedule, and that called for a different plan for their 2-year-old son.

Until the family figured out its best options, Toewe Koerner was able to turn to her employer, PNC Financial Services Group, for help filling the child-care gap.

PNC provides its employees with subsidized backup child care for days when one’s normal routine falls through. Staffers can bring their children to a local child-care center that PNC contracts with, or they can request to have a caretaker come to their home.

Toewe Koerner, a regional underwriting executive based in the District office, said she brought her son last week to a center about a mile away from her office. She estimates she’s taken advantage of the PNC backup care offering about five times this year.

“To know that I’ve got this covered is just tremendous. And it helps me be more productive,” Toewe Koerner said.

PNC has maintained on-site backup child-care centers in its Pittsburgh headquarters and its Philadelphia office for about 12 years, according to Sharon Cercone, vice president of work/life strategies.

“But when we started to expand through different acquisitions, we realized we needed to provide resources nationally,” Cercone said.

Across the rest of the country, they worked to establish subsidized off-site options for their workers.

PNC also offers backup elder care for employees who might need it for a parent or other relative.

“It’s something that is causing great stress when you’re in that sandwich generation” of having to care for both young children and an aging relative, Cercone said.

The company also subsidizes tools to help a staffer improve a regular elder care routine.

“You can have an expert go to your elderly relative’s home and do an assessment of their living conditions. Should you install a chair rail? Should they get more support?” Cercone said.