Living Social was ranked ninth in our list of readers’ picks. Here, Alan Clifford, head of facilities, in the company’s offices in Washington. (Jeffrey MacMillan/Capital Business)

We try to use objective criteria in creating The Post 200 each year. But there are many other ways to measure a company’s importance to the region. This year, we asked readers to nominate their candidates for our list. Here are some of the more popular submissions, along with what readers had to say about their favorite local companies:

1. Family Services Inc. (Gaithersburg)

“They do so much for our area’s neediest and helpless. I am amazed at the work they do. They reach out and help thousands of children and parents each year who have nowhere else to turn.” — Nicole Reap

“Family Services provides vital services for at risk populations in the county from birth all the way through the elderly.” — Jody Burghardt

2. Edgeworth Economics (D.C.)

“A start-up company that is hard working and innovative.” — Megan Tempel-Miller

“One of the city’s new business success stories with growing national influence.” – Sydney Chiswell

3. Compassion Over Killing (D.C.)

“For their tireless efforts to alleviate animal suffering by successfully campaigning D.C. restaurants to add cruelty-free options to their menus.”
— Christopher Locke

4. ProActive Communications (Leesburg)

“They deliver the goods quickly and without excuses and baloney.” — Guy Page

“After 15 years in business, ProActive has effectively served the local economy, providing expert businesses development assistance to local companies and creating jobs for local residents.”
— Patricia Kakridas

5. Affinity Lab (D.C.)

“Huge catalyst for collaboration and entrepreneurship in this region.”
— Brandon Partridge

6. The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (D.C.)

“Encourages students to get involved at the beginning of their collegiate career and stay involved.”
— Amy James

7. CapitalSource (Chevy Chase)

“Strong committment to volunteerism and execllent employee benefits and perks.” - Kowana Woolford

8. D.C. Bowl Committee

“As the only college football bowl game in the region, the Military Bowl is a vital part of the D.C. community. Last year it pumped over $18 million into the region and donated $100,000 to support the USO and USO-Metro.”
— Jennifer Schiller

9. Living Social (D.C.)

“They just started in D.C. with four employees and now have several thousand. They have raised about $1 billion in private funding and are now worth $3 billion. They are grossing $1 miilion daily. That should put them at the top.” — Coerte Voorhees

10. Accenture (Reston, D.C.)

“Ability to remain focused on what matters most to their clients — even when it means creating and bringing about great changes!” — Lillian Robison