District-based industry group TechAmerica said Thursday it has filed an amended complaint, including a more detailed list of alleged wrongdoing, as part of a lawsuit against the Information Technology Industry Council.

The battle between the two industry organizations began when several former TechAmerica employees departed last month to ITI to start a new public sector group.

TechAmerica then filed suit against ITI and the departed employees, Trey Hodgkins, previously TechAmerica’s senior vice president for the global public sector; Pamela Walker, TechAmerica’s former senior director for homeland security; and Carol Henton, TechAmerica’s former vice president for state and local government.

In the amended complaint, which is twice as long, TechAmerica alleges that the defendants withheld information about a potential TechAmerica membership renewal and e-mailed an ITI executive internal TechAmerica membership data and budget information.

The lawsuit, filed in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, asks that the court award TechAmerica damages of at least $5 million.

In a statement, Shawn Osborne, TechAmerica’s chief executive, said what the organization is “finding continues to surprise us.”

In response to the original complaint, ITI asked the court to dismiss the case, arguing in its filing that TechAmerica’s suit simply does not offer evidence to back its claims.

In a statement in response to the amended complaint, an ITI spokeswoman said the organization“has done everything right and will vigorously defend itself.”