The Gray campaign’s jobs and economic development plan, August 2010: “As Mayor, Vince Gray will . . . convene an economic development task force including a jobs summit to take place before he takes office.”

Status: The task force held a jobs summit on Dec. 13.

The campaign jobs plan: “Create two directorships under the Deputy Mayor, a Director of Business Development and a Director of Real Estate Development.”

Status: David Zipper was promoted and Jeff Miller, a former developer, was hired to fill the positions in early June.

The campaign jobs plan: “We must establish a long-term, coordinated economic development strategy, not a patchwork of economic development initiatives.”

Status: Deputy Mayor Victor Hoskins plans to seek a consultant for work soon.

State of the City address: “I am going to propose a freeze on all capital projects not yet underway. I then intend to establish a blue-ribbon panel of capital experts to make recommendations on prioritizing our capital needs within the confines of the 12 percent debt cap.”

Status: Gray dedicated capital funds to St. Elizabeths and McMillan Reservoir projects; the debt commission has not been created.

Gray’s economic development transition committee report: “A quasi-governmental corporation or authority to undertake and coordinate the largest projects and leverage D.C. would support priority contracts to ensure the most effective economic gain and use of resources.”

Status: The idea has been shelved for now.

Hoskins, in testimony at his confirmation hearing, March 2011: “We are finalizing our work in the creation of an economic impact analysis tool that will better enable us to allocate our resources to projects.”

Status: On hold due to staff and budget shortages.