Jonathan O’Connell’s Sept. 10 article, “Donald and Ivanka Trump unveil plans for glitzy hotel at Old Post Office Pavilion,” described the Trumps’ plans to convert the federal building into a lavish hotel that would represent “the pinnacle of Washington luxury.”

I was left wondering how, exactly, a posh hotel is supposed to benefit the working people of the District. If cost is no object, wouldn’t it be nice to hear the Trumps committing to living wages and family-sustaining benefits along with the $200 million they’re spending on flourishes like crystal sconces and hand-woven rugs?

I am very glad to hear that the Trumps are going to make a “concerted effort” to hire as many District residents as possible. But if it’s “very important” for him to hire District residents, I would expect it would also be very important for him to respect those workers by committing to wage and benefit standards equal to the opulence of the project.

Trump said that he wants the hotel to be something “everyone in D.C. can be truly proud of.” I hope it will be. So far, however, it is unclear whether he and [Ivanka] Trump intend to include in that commitment those who will clean the rooms and serve the meals.

John Boardman

Executive secretary-treasurer

Unite Here Local 25