Company: Washington Real Estate Investment Trust.

Location: Rockville.

Number of employees: 115.

Saman Hussain lost 60 pounds, thanks to the treadmill at work. Now she’s toning up with lunch-hour boot camp sessions at the company gym.

“I don’t have to leave the building or sit in traffic,” said Hussain, an administrative assistant. “And it perks me up at lunchtime — that’s the best part about it.”

The Rockville-based real estate investment trust has been hiring personal trainers to offer boot camp sessions — a mix of weight training and cardio workouts — to its employees at its headquarters for about a year, said Megan Woodman, director of human resources.

Hour-long sessions are offered on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and employees have the option of working out either during lunchtime or after work. Each session costs $8.

“The price itself got me to sign up,” Hussain said. “Boot camps are usually so expensive.”

Janet Reetz, who began working at WRIT two months ago, signed up for boot camp during her first week there.

“I’d never had anything like that offered at work before,” said Reetz, a human resources generalist. “As soon as I heard about it, I knew I wanted to join right away.”

After a series of 10 sessions, Reetz said she’s gained strength, stamina and muscle definition.

“To be able to say that I can 20 push-ups now is pretty amazing,” she said, “especially considering that I used to be able to only do five.”

Rachel Ranieri, a marketing manager at WRIT, signed up for the first round of boot camp classes last year.

“It was a great way to do something that made me feel better at work,” Ranieri said. “If it was nice out, we’d go outside. I just always left feeling good.”