The much-scrutinized Carlyle Group is letting in even more sunshine, now that the Washington-based private-equity giant has its shares listed on the Nasdaq exchange. The company, which bills itself as an alternative asset manager, last week launched a sparkling new Web site that was more than a year in the making and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The new site reflects the company’s public status, with a minute-by-minute stock price ticker, biographies of its 600 professionals, a historical summary and details on the company’s 157 funds and investment vehicles. It’s multimedia, with four videos that explain who they are what they do.

It’s also a trove of information for private equity junkies, who can learn hitherto unknown facts about the asset manager such as that it opened its first office in Hong Kong in 1998 and owns Baskin Robbins ice cream and Mrs. Fields cookies.

“With disclosure comes clarity and understanding,” spokesman Chris Ullman said. “Now that we’re a public company and since the industry is under the microscope because of the presidential election, we need to over communicate about who we are, what we do and for whom we work.”