Order out of contact chaos

If your contacts are anything like mine, they’re probably a mess. That’s not your fault, per se. We store our address book information in a lot of places — phone, e-mail, social networks. CoBook aims to be a unified place for you to keep track of all those Facebook, Twitter, iCloud and other contacts that you have floating around in cyberspace.

CoBook makes it easier for you to do that, and offers you options from the contact list to let you call or message someone. Before you rush out and download CoBook, though, you should know that requires a lot of trust on your part — it culls all your contact information from a variety of sources. The company promises not to share that info with outside parties, but it’s worth keeping in mind the access you’re providing. CoBook also was recently acquired by another contact management software firm, FullContact, though both companies have promised to continue support for its products. Free, for iOS devices.

Hayley Tsukayama