Whether you are a start-up or a well-established company, your business must look and feel alive. Mood is everything.

That’s why presentation is one of the key areas small business owners can focus on first to transform a bad mood. Any business and its people can be changed to make a better presentation and succeed. And, trust me, presentation is both the easiest element of a business to change and the easiest to ignore.

Put simply, bad mood can ruin a company faster than bad business. I work with and talk daily to leaders who talk about changing the culture of a business — that is fine — but the single most important thing you can do for your business is change the mood.

When you change the mood, you change the attitude and take the right steps toward changing the culture. Mood makes your place and your people feel that a business’s best days are in front of it.

Do what I do: Walk around and make a list of things that need refreshing, repair or replacement. Ask your people what sucks and recruit them to help fix it.

Enlist leaders in helping you create a new story for your business that everyone believes and has a stake in.

Sure, some people can’t do it. They resist. They can’t help but stand in your way… so add them your cleanup list too.

The same thing is true in your business: If it looks disorganized and disheveled, it probably is. Remember: You (as well as your business) can’t be cool and look like Elmer Fudd!

At the very least, addressing presentation companywide ensures that your people know you are paying attention. That’s essential because the next step is to take a hard look at those people to get to the heart of most bad business… bad management.

Run the gauntlet of your business and make the changes that ensure success. Go!

Jeffrey Hayzlett, a former C-suite executive, is a public speaker and best-selling author specializing in marketing and entre­pre­neur­ship.