JPMorgan hashtag trends against bank

JPMorgan Chase, the target of at least eight Justice Department investigations, was mocked and taunted by Twitter users after asking followers to send questions to an executive using the hashtag #AskJPM.

The online forum, which the bank canceled late Wednesday, was intended in part to give college students an opportunity to communicate directly with a senior executive, said bank spokesman Brian Marchiony.

“#Badidea! Back to the drawing board,” the bank posted less than six hours after its original post, which drew more than 6,000 responses from users in that span, according to social media tracking service Topsy.

The “Snarkpocalypse,” as @ReformedBroker dubbed it, started after the bank’s official Twitter account posted a call for questions, using #AskJPM, at 1:26 p.m. in New York for investment bank Vice Chairman James Lee.

JPMorgan’s call for questions provoked jeers from Twitter users. “Can I have my house back?” @AdamColeman4 posted. “Is it true ‘JPM stands for ‘Just Pay More’?’’ asked @SconsetCapital.

‘‘What’s your favorite type of whale?” wrote @ObsoleteDogma, referring to JPMorgan’s record $6.2 billion loss involving a trader dubbed the London Whale because of his outsize bets.

— Bloomberg News

Accident injures 3
at Calif. Tesla factory

Three Tesla Motors employees were injured Wednesday after an aluminum casting press failed at its San Francisco Bay area factory, officials said.

One employee was seriously hurt and two others sustained minor injuries when the low-pressure press spilled hot metal , said Greg Siggins, a spokesman for the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

“Hot metal somehow burned the workers,” said Siggins, who added that there was no fire inside the plant in Fremont.

The most seriously injured Telsa worker received chest and upper-body burns, Cal-OSHA spokesman Peter Melton said.

The accident follows three recent fires involving Telsa electric cars. Telsa chief executive Elon Musk said Tuesday that “there’s definitely not going to be a recall” of the Model S.

— Associated Press

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