Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook on Thursday revealed a new version of its operating system for the electronics maker’s laptop and desktop computers.

Cook said the product, dubbed Mountain Lion, will be made available to developers Thursday with a wider release to consumers slated for this summer.

Mountain Lion will take a page from Apple’s iOS, which is the software that runs on iPads and iPhones. Its features will include integration with Apple’s cloud service and a notification functionality that mirrors the one seen on the company’s popular smartphone. Mountain Lion also does away with iChat and replaces it with an app called Messages.

AirPlay Mirroring will allow users to wirelessly send video from their Mac computer to a television that is connected to Apple TV. Another new item, Gatekeeper, is a security feature that aims to give users more control over the apps they download.

By making its legacy software more closely align with the software used on its tablets and smartphones, it seems Apple is moving toward making a more seamless user experience across all of its gadgets.

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