Hewlett-Packard is making a big push to keep PCs in the mix as buzz for ultrabooks and tablets dominate the conversation ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show.

Sure, the company is also prepping the release of what appears to be its own new ultrabook, the Spectre, but it’s also showing off some great desktop hardware ahead of the big show next week. On Wednesday the company unveiled two desktops, the 27-inch Omni All-in-One and the Pavilion Phoenix h9 desktop.

The all-in-one computer appears to be aimed at the family office. It’s expansive screen is good for watching video and its “one cord” setup is clearly aimed at people who want a computer that can move around the house, easy to get going and want to share movies, pictures or other media with a crowd.

The Pavilion Phoenix, on the other hand, is clearly aimed at power gamers, at least the ones who don’t want to build their own machines. The computer has nearly all of the bells and whistles you could want, from 2 TB of storage to a highly effective (but scary to DIY) liquid cooling system. It even has room for up to three hard drives.

Sales of PCs grew modestly in the third quarter of 2011, according to research firm iSuppli, but it’s still a market losing traction to laptops and tablets. But for those who prize power over portability, there’s definitely still appeal in a desktop computer.

The Omni All-in-One will sell for $1,199 when it goes on sale on Sunday; the Phoenix starts at $1,149.

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