Conditions for a deal

House Republicans are compiling a long list of demands for raising the federal debt limit in hopes of persuading at least 217 Republicans to support the final bill. The list could grow before the measure hits the House floor — but most provisions are unlikely to win favor in the Senate.

Core principles

●One-year debt increase (through Dec. 31, 2014 — about $1 trillion).

●One-year delay of Obamacare — taxes, mandates and benefits.

●Timetable for tax reform.

●Keystone XL pipeline.

Economic growth provisions

●Offshore energy production.

●Energy production on federal lands.

●Pipeline permitting.

●Coal ash.

●Block greenhouse gas regulations.

●Reins Act (Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny).

●Regulatory reform (Administrative Procedure Act reform).

●Consent decree reform.

●Small-business regulatory flexibility.

Budget savings from reforms

●Reduction to civil service pensions. ($20 billion-$84 billion).

●Eliminate Dodd-Frank bailout fund ($23 billion).

●Eliminate mandatory funding for Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ($5 billion).

●Require Social Security number to receive child tax credit ($7 billion).

●Eliminate Social Services Block Grant program ($17 billion).

Health-care budget savings

●Increase Medicare means testing ($56 billion).

●Reduce Medicaid provider tax gimmick ($11 billion).

●Medical malpractice reform ($49 billion).

●Reduction in DSH (disproportionate share hospital) adjustment payments ($4 billion).

●Eliminate public health fund in Obamacare.

Lori Montgomery