Position: President, European Central Bank (since Nov. 1)

Nationality: Italian

Previous Positions: Governor, Bank of Italy (2006 through Oct. 31), and chairman of the Financial Stability Board, a global group of central bankers and regulators. Vice-chairman of Goldman Sachs International (2002-2005). Director General of Italian Treasury (1991-2001).

Age: 64

Education: PhD in economics, MIT, 1976; degree in economics from Sapienza University, Rome.

On the ECB potentially supporting European governments: “What makes you think that the ECB becoming the lender of last resort for governments is what is needed to keep the euro area together? No, I do not think that this is really within the remit of the ECB. The remit of the ECB is maintaining price stability over the medium term.” (News conference, Nov. 3)

On a euro-zone break-up: “I do not think it is useful to speculate about break-ups or such things. Because, in spite of everything, that seems quite far-fetched at this point in time.” (News conference, Dec. 8)