‘We Are Better Than This’ Edward Kleinbard, and ‘Seven Bad Ideas,’ Jeff Madrick

(Oxford Univ. / Oxford Univ.)

Edward Kleinbard and Jeff Madrick offer differing views to debunk the belief in the market-guided fixes.


Book review: ‘Racial Reckoning,’ on justice for Civil Rights Murders, by Renee Romano

(Harvard Univ. / Harvard Univ.)

Renee Romano follows the difficult path toward getting justice for civil rights murders committed years ago.

There are only five states where unemployment is lower than it was when the recession started

Unemployment in Minnesota, North Dakota, Michigan, Ohio, and Alaska is lower now than it was in December 2007.


D.C. region’s housing market continues to meander along

(Steven Senne / AP)

Sales, pending sales and prices in the D.C. area remain flat. The number of homes for sale is increasing but remains relatively low.


Stocks fall on fears of Europe’s prolonged slump

(Stringer / Reuters)

A roller-coaster day of trading wiped out Wednesday’s remarkable surge.


Democrats deserve no credit for a crummy economy


Deficit anxiety is not the answer. Here’s what America needs to do

(Lucy Nicholson / Reuters)

Focusing only on the deficit won’t get America where it needs to be.


September sees slight growth in IT and engineering jobs

(Mark Lennihan / AP)

Year over year, IT employment is up 3.6 percent since September of last year, adding 160,800 IT workers.

Germany is killing its economy — and Europe’s, too

Germany is letting its infrastructure fall apart rather than borrow free money.

When it comes to the economy, Obama has a Bush problem

(Pete Souza / White House photo)

Voters aren’t giving President Obama credit for the economy recovery. George H.W. Bush faced the same problem.