In response to a Washington Post article on the pharmaceutical industry’s efforts to influence articles published by the New England Journal of Medicine, drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline stated:

“We continue to make significant and genuine efforts to further transparency in the ways we conduct our research and our business. We just announced new commitments, which we believe give scientists a way to closely evaluate and interrogate our safety and efficacy data. We will enable researchers to gain access to anonymized patient-level data from our clinical trials. This is a first for the industry. If researchers have questions or doubts about our work, they may take the data and perform their own analysis. We hope the data also will support new research.

We also seek publication of all our studies — positive and negative — in peer-reviewed journals. Since 2004, we have posted summaries of all our clinical trial results on our website for the world to see. All of these actions speak to the degree of commitment we have to be open with our research so there can be more understanding, and hopefully credibility, in what we are doing.

With regards to Avandia, we firmly believe we acted responsibly in conducting the clinical trial program, in marketing the medicine, in monitoring its safety once it was approved for use and in updating information in the medicine’s labeling as new information became available.”