Google has faced several federal investigations as its dominance has grown.

Google and travel search firm ITA merged after a nod from the Justice Department. The company must continue to license and research ITA’s technology.

The European Union launched an antitrust probe in November when smaller search engines — two associated with Microsoft — and others complained that Google stifled their business.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott was the first U.S. regulator to look into whether Google restricts competition through its search rankings.

In May, Oklahoma Attorney General E. Scott Pruitt expressed interest in joining others’ probes into Google’s “dominance of the Internet search engine industry.”

In October, the Federal Trade Commission stopped looking into a breach caused by Google Street View cars, placated by the appointment of a privacy manager and expanded privacy training.

In March, the FTC and Google settled over the privacy concerns with its Buzz social network. As part of the settlement, Google agreed to independent biennial privacy audits.