Apple announced in San Francisco today that the next generation of its iPad tablet will hit stores March 16. Wondering what features set the device apart from the iPad 2? Here’s a brief rundown of the most noteworthy differences:

Retina display. As many analysts had predicted, the screen of the iPad 3 will have a sharper resolution than that of its predecessors. The display will have 3.1 million pixels.

A faster processor. Whereas previous Apple tablets contained a dualcore processor, the new iPad will be powered by a quadcore one called the A5X.

4G LTE. Previous iPads have been confined to 3G networks. This gadget will have 4G LTE capabilities, meaning it will allow for faster downloading speeds.

Improved camera, video capabilities. The new iSight camera will be 5 megapixels.

Voice dictation. This feature will be available in English, French, German and Japanese.

New color choices. Before today, all iPads had a sleek silver shell. Today, chief executive Tim Cook said that the latest version will also be available in black or white.

One thing that won’t change? The price. The new iPad will start at $499, as the iPad 2 did before it.

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