Venture Capital
Internet of Things draws investments

Investor activity in the Internet of Things — a term for a connected network of objects, devices and computers — grew steadily in 2013, a new report shows.

Start-ups focusing on the Internet of Things attracted $1.1 billion in investments across 53 deals last year, according to data from CBInsights, a New York-based venture capital research firm. That represents an 11 percent jump from the previous year.

The start-ups centered on projects such as health-care sensor technology, energy management and home automation, among others. For instance, D.C.-based SmartThings, which produces home sensor kits, raised $12.5 million in the fall of 2013.

Silicon Valley-based companies took about a quarter of the deals, more than any other geographic area. Massachusetts had the second-highest share of deals with about 13.26 percent.

— Mohana Ravindranath

Big data
IBM partners with N.Y. genome center

Could IBM’s Watson soon be a cancer specialist?

The Watson Group — IBM’s new business unit dedicated to the Jeopardy-playing supercomputer — is partnering with the New York Genome Center, a biomedical research nonprofit, to analyze the genomes of cancer patients.

The two plan to collaborate on a prototype that could suggest treatment options for patients suffering from an aggressive form of brain cancer. Watson would analyze a patient’s genome and compare it to data from other patients, as well as medical literature, to suggest treatments.

Watson’s input could be used by physicians and patients as they make treatment decisions, Ajay Royyuru, director of research at IBM, said in an interview.

— Mohana Ravindranath