I like to make order out of chaos.

Even as a child, I enjoyed organizing things. If we ever had a party I would make sure all the little stuff was taken care of.

I was also good with numbers. So my career has been about helping organize and structure organizations’ financial functions.

I started out on the public accounting track at the [accounting firm] KPMG, mostly doing health-care and energy audits. I found that when I met with clients I could assimilate information, understand the industry quickly and ask the right questions.

I didn’t want to go the partner track. I liked the operations side and not necessarily the technical accounting side. After three years I decided it was time to branch out and see new things.

I went to [the uranium enrichment company] USEC as they were spinning off from a government agency and going public. They needed help getting organized. I helped get them set up and their initial public offering ready to go. Someone I was working with at USEC left to a health-care
start-up called APS Healthcare. I jumped at the opportunity to create an entire finance department from scratch.

In the health-care industry there’s a thousand levels of data that need to be reported. I was able to figure out how we could best assimilate the information and dispense it.

I was dealing with a lot of psychologists, doctors and people who didn’t always understand financial impact. I had to learn how to articulate that to them.

Eventually I wanted to branch out a little broader.

I moved to AES Corp., a global company in the energy business. I took my skill of organizing different departments to streamline their information into one reporting package.

All the companies I worked for in my career were for-profit. But I discovered
SoundExchange as this organization that is set up as a nonprofit but doesn’t just function as a nonprofit. It is also building out its finance department. And it is in the music business. Who doesn’t love music? That intrigued me right away.

Now as chief financial officer, I want to be at the forefront of helping the community make sure that we’re getting the right compensation to our artists — with no chaos.

— Interview with
Vanessa Small

Anjula Singh

Position: Chief financial officer of SoundExchange, a District-based independent nonprofit performance rights organization representing the recorded music industry.

Career highlights: Director of corporate accounting, AES Corp.; government programs director, USEC; auditor, KPMG.

Age: 43

Education: BS, accounting, University of Maryland, College Park.

Personal: Lives in the District.