Don Pyle (Courtesy of ScienceLogic)

I grew up in northern Baltimore County and was raised in a family business. My father owned it with a couple of partners. I held almost every position you could think of growing up through my early teens and into college. When I went to the University of Delaware, I decided that I wanted to do something different than what my father was doing.

I was looking for an industry that was in its infancy and something that would have growth potential. I found a sales position in a company that connected computers over transmission lines and that company [Rixon] was the foundation of companies that started designing equipment to connect computers together.

As the industry evolved and PCs proliferated throughout the workplace, it opened up a whole new opportunity connecting users with computers. That evolved to really become the foundation of computer networking. My background as I grew and evolved was sales, very high-ticket sales to telephone companies and other enterprises. I was able to get in on the ground floor in some of the companies that were based in Silicon Valley. I sold both hardware and software components that control the infrastructure of the Internet.

My career track evolved from sales into sales management and general management of those very high-growth, venture-backed companies. I was able to help take three of them to an [initial public offering]. StrataCom was the first company. The company went public in 1992 and was sold to Cisco Systems in 1997 for $4.2 billion.

I joined Juniper Networks in 1997 as the first sales person in the company, just me and a bunch of engineers and a couple of other sales people to start. We were about a year [old] before the company actually had a product. Juniper today is about an $11 billion to $12 billion company [in terms of market capitalization] with sales in excess of $5 billion.

After that, my career evolved to actually running companies as the [chief executive]. I left Juniper running sales for its North American operation to assume my first CEO position at a company based in Pittsburgh, which was Laurel Networks. I sold Laurel in 2005 to ECI Telecom.

Then I had the opportunity to partner with another founder in Annapolis back in 2006 and take that company [Netcordia] and grow its sales to about $14.5 million. We merged the company with Infoblox, which was based on the West Coast in Silicon Valley. We took the company public in 2012. [After that,] I took five months off.

Certainly, I had known of ScienceLogic for the last eight years. Many of the folks who worked for me at Netcordia found their way to work at ScienceLogic. It was a very easy decision and transition to come in and help the team.

— Interview with Kathy Orton

Don Pyle

Position: Chief operating officer, ScienceLogic, a Reston-based IT company that monitors the networks of corporations and government agencies to ensure they run efficiently.

Career highlights: Executive vice president, Infoblox; CEO, Netcordia; CEO, Laurel Networks; vice president, Juniper Networks.

Age: 55

Education: BS, BA, business administration, operations management, University of Delaware.

Personal: Lives in Annapolis with his wife, Sandy.