I’m originally from India. My dad was in the Indian air force, so my childhood was spent as part of a typical military family growing up in India.

My family then had a manufacturing business that made home appliances for large distributors. I ran one of the business units in my early 20s.

I always had an independent streak in me to rise up and achieve things on my own. So in the early 1990s, I planned to attend business school in the United States. It was my uncle, who had moved to the United States in 1963, who would visit and show me that I could be successful there.

When we had to close down a piece of the business and consolidate it into the rest of the larger business, I saw the transition as my opportunity to move overseas.

So I moved to Pennsylvania and in two years got my MBA on scholarship.

Vineet Puri of MicroTech ( MicroTech )

I moved to the Washington area and have been involved mostly in businesses focusing on government contracting and commercial business.

I was fortunate to learn from my time running a business in India just how important it is to focus on growing the top line of any business. Generating revenue is the most important thing a business can do.

I worked at companies that could do that. I’ve served at the divisional, operational as well as the corporate level. I understand how to under-promise and over-deliver on the numbers.

I learned quickly that success comes with sacrifice.

I remember when my wife and I were living in McLean, I would fly up to New York City on Monday mornings and fly back on Friday night. I did that for three years until we had our son in the late 1990s.

One of my proudest moments was at Intelsat, a satellite company. I did all the analysis work for a transaction where the company was sold to four private equity firms. I was head of the financial planning analysis group. As the company grew from $800 million to $2 billion, I had to develop a lot of business cases for launches. These were critical decisions because the investments in a satellite launch were significant. You have to look into the future and determine how things will pan out.

I learned that being able to make decisions is critical to any leader. Sometimes taking no action is the right decision, but it has to be well grounded and thought through.

I joined MicroTech in May as a financial adviser, initially to help on some financial improvement and reporting issues. But as I became familiar with the company, I found it to be a phenomenal place.

I’ve been pleased because of the diverse portfolio of services they offer. Now I am looking forward to helping it grow.

I’ve had varied experiences in my career. I’ve seen how opportunities can take you [to new opportunities]. All you have to be is disciplined and focused.

— Interview with Vanessa Small

Vineet Puri

Position: Chief financial officer and senior vice president of MicroTech, an information technology company based in McLean.

Career highlights: Vice president of finance, Inmarsat Government; vice president of finance, Stratos Government Services; director of financial planning and analysis, Intelsat; division controller, American Management Systems.

Age: 44

Education: Bachelors in Commerce, University of Delhi; MBA, Clarion University of Pennsylvania.

Personal: Lives in Great Falls with his wife, Meena Puri, and two children.