Nokia’s developer forums have been hit by a cyberattack, the Finnish company reported Monday.

The company initially believed an attack had compromised a small number of developer records. But, according to a statement on its developer forum site, Nokia’s further investigation has revealed that a “significantly larger” number of people were affected than originally thought.

The database tapped by hackers includes member e-mail addresses and, in some cases, personally identifiable information such as birthdates, homepage URLs and screen names from messaging services such as AIM, Skype and Yahoo.

“We are not aware of any misuse of the accessed data, but we are communicating with affected forum members, though we believe the only potential impact to them may be unsolicited email,” the company wrote in a statement apologizing for the incident.

Before the site was taken down, an image of Homer Simpson delivering his characteristic phrase — “D’oh!” — appeared on the site, along with a message from someone called “pr0tect0r AKA mrNRG,” who took credit for the attack.

“LOL. Worlds number 1 mobile company but not spending a dime for server security!” the message read, according to the security firm Sophos. “FFS patch your security holes otherwise you will be just another antisec victim. No Dumping, No Leaking!”

The attacker referenced Anonymous hacking group’s AntiSec movement, which targets major corporations and governments.

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