Who supports the cause of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters? Greg Sargent has a roundup of recent polls that help answer that question:

It’s become an article of faith among some conservative and even neutral commentators: If Obama and Dems embrace Occupy Wall Street, they risk driving away blue collar white voters in swing states that tend to be culturally alienated by such protests.

But I’ve obtained some new polling that seriously complicates this argument: In two new national polls, the cross tabs show that majorities of blue collar whites do, in fact, back the protests.

The new data comes from today’s United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection poll, and Time magazine’s poll from late last week, both of which found that majorities back the protesters. I asked both organizations for the breakdown on this question among non-college-educated whites, which is seen by polling experts as a reasonably good category for judging blue collar white sentiment. Both graciously supplied the answers:

* In the National Journal poll, 56 percent of non-college-educated whites agree with the protesters; only 31 percent disagree.

* In the Time poll, 54 percent of non-college-educated men, and 48 percent of non-college educated women, agree with the protesters. (That’s roughly 51 percent overall.) Meanwhile,only 29 percent of non-college-educated men, and only 19 percent of non-college-educated women, disagree. (That’s roughly 23 percent.)

Blue collar whites aren’t the only ones who are symphathizing with the protesters. A host of celebrities, including Kanye West, Tim Robbins and Penn Badgley, have briefly joined the demonstrations in recent days. Jen Chaney reports that another Hollywood star lent his support to the cause Tuesday night:

Alec Baldwin made a brief stop by Occupy Wall Street’s camp in Zuccotti Park late Tuesday evening, as he promised to do on Twitter.

The politically inclined actor has been discussing Occupy Wall Street with his Twitter users, sharing what he believes should be the movement’s mission: “Campaign Finance Reform should b the goal of#OccupyWallStreet. Wealth is not the issue. It's using wealth to buy the govt, that's the issue.”

On Tuesday, he tweeted, “I wanna go to Zuccotti Park...” And an hour later, he did: “On my way to OWS.”

After spending “a too brief two hours” at the park, he thanked two demonstrators for his “OWS tutorial.” His opinion about the movement was unchanged: “OWS needs to coalesce around some legislative policy. The ‘occupy’ strategy may be an effective one. But what can each entity agree on?”

Some Tinseltown casting agents may have an eye on Zuccotti Park as well, reports Melissa Bell:

Are you sick of corporations having their way in America? Part of the 99 percent? Between the ages of 20 and 24? Love making out in hot tubs?

Then you could be the latest cast member on the 27th season of that cultural touchstone the “Real World.” The New York Observer caught aCraigslist callout for possible applicants that said, “Part of Occupy Wall Street? Real World 27 Wants You!”

Production company Bunim-Murray has yet to confirm if this really is an audition for the show, but reality shows do tend to advertise for candidates on Craigslist, and “Real World 26” in San Diego is shaping up to be a total snore. The production company may just find the protests a way to revive the flagging series.