Outside Apple’s retail store in Tysons Corner Center, the first the company opened in the country, two bouquets of white roses rested gently on a wall. Someone left a stark black hat with an Apple logo. Shoppers paused on their errands to take note.

“Such a shame,” one young woman said, and then she was on her way. Apple fans left sympathy cards, too, the kind sent to someone who has lost a loved one. Inside one card, a woman scribbled, “You changed my life. I love you.”

A camera crew from China set up their gear, filming near the store, where it was unmistakably apparent that the retailing juggernaut that is Apple is already continuing without its guru, Steve Jobs.

Customers sat in mini-classes learning tricks for their new Macs. They played with iPhones and ogled the big bright monitors, which displayed a picture of Jobs on Apple’s home page.

Manish Ramji, visiting from London, left with an iPad 2, to add to his expanding Apple gadget collection. “It’s so sad,” Ramji said. “He understood people, and he wasn’t like one of these other CEOs who you never see. He was always out there.”

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