Firm sues AT&T over streaming service

AT&T is being sued by a tech firm that accuses the largest U.S. provider of pay TV of stealing the start-up’s technology for providing online streaming news and interfering with its launch.

AT&T reneged on an agreement to invest $100 million in

The company invented a system to deliver streaming news to computers, smartphones and tablets, after making off with its technology, the tech firm said in a lawsuit.

AT&T violated agreements with by “refusing to fund My24’s launch’’ and “holding My24’s Broadcast Platform hostage,’’ according to the complaint filed in federal court in Atlanta this week.

“This is the third time this company has filed essentially the same complaint,” Marty Richter, an AT&T spokesman, said Friday in a statement.

“The first case was dismissed. The company voluntarily withdrew the second case,” Richter said. “Just like the first two, this third complaint lacks merit.”

— Bloomberg News

Walmart tests new employee dress code

Retail giant Walmart is testing a dress code that gives employees more options for work wear.

Under the pilot program at about 100 stores, workers can wear solid-color blue jeans instead of khaki-colored or black denim pants.

The employees also can wear a solid-color shirt of their choosing instead of solid blue or white shirts.

Corporate communications director Justin Rushing said that Walmart listens to its employees and that their feedback helps test these kinds of ideas.

The pilot program will continue until Walmart has gathered enough information, the company said.

Walmart revised its dress code in 2015 when it permitted employees with physically demanding jobs to wear T-shirts.

— Associated Press

SunTrust reports potential data breach

SunTrust Banks said Friday that accounts for 1.5 million clients may have been compromised in a potential case of data theft.

The Atlanta bank said it is investigating whether a former employee may have stolen the data.

Compromised information could include names, addresses, phone numbers and account balances, the bank said.

SunTrust said it will offer identity protection for all consumer clients at no cost.

The company said it has not identified any fraudulent activity related to this incident.

It said the compromised contact lists did not include account numbers, PINs, Social Security numbers, user IDs, passwords or driver’s license information.

— Associated Press

Also in Business

Relatives of the late Mexican artist Frida Kahlo said Friday they have won a temporary injunction that stops sales of a Frida Barbie doll. Kahlo's great-niece Mara de Anda Romeo argues that Mattel doesn't have the rights to use Kahlo's image as part of its Inspiring Women series. According to a copy of the ruling, the toymaker and department stores in Mexico must stop commercializing the doll until the issue is resolved. Mattel has said it worked with the Panama-based Frida Kahlo Corp., which it claims has rights to the artist's image. The corporation said it got the rights through Kahlo's niece, Isolda Pinedo Kahlo, more than a decade ago.

Twitter said Friday that it has banned ads from Russia's Kaspersky Lab, charging that the company's business model conflicts with the social media platform's advertising rules and citing U.S. claims that the firm has ties to Russian intelligence agencies. "This decision is based on our determination that Kaspersky Lab operates using a business model that inherently conflicts with acceptable Twitter Ads business practices," Twitter said in a statement.

Canada's Fairfax Financial Holding has placed a bid of $300 million to buy Toys R Us's Canadian operations in bankruptcy. According to court papers filed late Thursday, the bidder is taking on a role of a "stalking horse" in a court-approved auction set for Monday in New York. That means it could be outbid if other buyers make a higher offer. The bid from Fairfax surpassed the $215 million offer that Isaac Larian, chief executive of privately held toy company MGA Entertainment, along with several other investors, made last week.

— From news reports