The TV Column: Nancy Pelosi to guest-star on ‘30 Rock’ series finale

(J. Scott Applewhite / AP)

TV COLUMN | The House minority leader “would do almost anything” Tina Fey asks her to do.


Congress gives out end-of-year perks to interest groups

(Toby Talbot / AP)

A number got some great deals in the “fiscal cliff” bill.


On the fiscal cliff, a no-big-deal deal

(Tom Toles)

Congress and the White House’s pathetic punt.


Tonight on The Fold: Jan. 2, 2013

An angry Hurricane Sandy-district congressman responds to his meeting with the Speaker of the House; some surprising provisions make their way into the ‘fiscal cliff’ deal; and we take you behind the scenes of The Post’s 2013 ‘in’ and ‘out’ list.

5 truths about the 'fiscal cliff' deal

Why the deal isn't good for either liberals or conservatives, plus the one thing that will determine its legacy.

Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio blaze different 2016 trails on 'fiscal cliff'

(Adam Jennings / AP)

THE FIX | Ryan goes with the party establishment, while Rubio plays to the party's grassroots base.

Get used to more fiscal cliffs

The fiscal cliff is over, but the battle over longer-term U.S. fiscal policy has just begun.

From NASCAR to rum, the 10 weirdest parts of the 'fiscal cliff' bill

The fine print includes everything from subsidies for plug-in electric scooters to tax breaks for overseas corporations.

The lessons of the fiscal cliff

The conventional wisdom goes something like this: The White House can't negotiate. House Republicans can't be reasoned with. But the fiscal cliff showed the truth is more complicated.


‘Fiscal cliff’ deal does little to tame threats from debt ceiling, high unemployment rates


Bill avoids austerity but doesn’t tame dangers of national default, high unemployment or swelling debt.