Correction: An earlier version of this story was based on Time’s 2011 list of best Twitter feeds. This version has been corrected.

A close-up view of the logo for the microblogging Web site Twitter. (Oli Scarff/GETTY IMAGES)

Who has best mastered the art of the 140-character message?  Time magazine has attempted to answer this question with its 2012 list of the Web’s best Twitter feeds.

Time appeared to weigh a broad spectrum of criteria to determine who made the cut.  Some of the feeds are those of influential leaders, including President Obama and three of the four GOP candidates left in the primary race. (Ron Paul, who has struggled in the polls, was the only one left out.)

Some—including Slate’s Dave Weigel and our very own Ezra Klein— seemed to be selected for managing to pack big, thoughtful insights into those narrow tweets.

And still others cracked the list because of their uncanny ability to make us laugh out loud with a clever one-liner (here’s looking at you, The Onion and Steve Carell).

The list isn’t ordered by rank, but rather by some nebulous categories. Should John Hodgman really be in the “experts” category and not the “humor” category? Does Barbie rightly belong in the “art, style and photography” group and not the “culture” group?

Take a look at Time’s full list of top Twitter feeds, and tell us in the comments section whether you think the magazine got it right. Did your favorite get left off the list?

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