Web giant Yahoo and cable outlet CNBC announced on Wednesday that they were joining forces in a content-sharing arrangement that will likely expand the audience for both media outlets’ stories and videos.

The companies say that CNBC’s content will be featured prominently on Yahoo Finance, the search firm’s hub for business news and stock market data.

Later this year, they plan to launch a lineup of co-branded videos that will be jointly produced by journalists from both media groups. Yahoo said in a blog post that these features will be designed with a Web audience in mind, but may be promoted on the cable network.

Yahoo established a similar partnership with ABC News last year. That agreement also includes a roster of Web-only original videos and cross promotion of one another’s content.

It’s easy to see why the move benefits both companies: For CNBC, it provides a chance to piggyback on Yahoo’s massive Web audience and ultimately increase CNBC’s own page views and visitors. For Yahoo Finance, its cache might get a boost by hitching itself to an established, trusted news network such as CNBC.

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