Evernote Food, a free app from the maker of note-keeping service Evernote, stores online recipes for users and even suggests other recipes.
Evernote Food
Recipe for storage

The note-keeping service Evernote is a great place to keep all the lists, articles and random flotsam you find on the Web for later. But with Evernote Food, the service becomes your personal digital recipe file — an update to the old system of clipping nice recipes from newspapers and magazines. You can clip recipes from Web pages you search into an Evernote account, and the service automatically will recognize them and place them in the Evernote food app. You also can peruse recipes curated from the Web that Evernote Food shows you in the app.

The app also lets you store pictures of your latest avant garde entree, which you can tag to a specific restaurant on an in-app map. (It sounds goofy but can quickly become addictive.) And it also provides you with a basic list of restaurants near you, should you decide to share your location with the app.

Users will need a (free) Evernote account to use the service; existing Evernote users can link Evernote Food to their current accounts. Free, for iOS and Android.

Hayley Tsukayama