}ISM manufacturing index released.

}All State, Choice Hotels; Humana, KKR earnings expected.


}Senate Banking hearing on housing finance reform.

}Senate Health hearing on insurance premiums.

}Personal spending data.

}Duke Energy, Hertz, Hyatt, Molson Coors, Pfizer earnings expected.


}Senate Banking hearing on housing finance.

}Senate Judiciary hearing on cybercrime.

}Senate Finance hearing on Medicare and Medicaid.

}Senate Banking hearing on debt financing.

}House Financial Services hearing on mortgage markets.

}House Ways and Means hearing on energy tax policy.

}Constellation Energy, Tesla, Time Warner, ZipCar earnings expected.


}Discovery, Southwest Airlines earnings expected.

}Senate Banking hearing on nomination of Richard Cordray as director of Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection.

}American Psychological Association opens four-day conference; Washington Convention Center.


}Berkshire Hathaway, Fannie Mae, Pepco earnings expected.

}House Financial Services hearing on exposure of U.S. banks to Europe’s crisis.

}Employment report.