Just because you might have a Type A personality, it doesn’t mean you can’t have pretty things. Grid aims to help you organize your life, whether you’re planning an event or making a grocery list. The layout of the app, which is simply a blank grid, gives users a lot of flexibility to create their documents. Tap on an empty grid square and you can mark out an area of the document that suits your content — bigger sections for photos of a recipe you’re recording, for example, while the ingredient list can occupy a smaller square. Its flexible layout also lets you embed contacts, so you can pull a list of party guests together quickly and text or call them from within the app. Editing a grid is not as intuitive as creating one, but it doesn’t take much practice before you’re swapping tiles like a pro. Free, for iOS devices.

Hayley Tsukayama

Grid app for iPhone. (itunes.apple.com)