A $25 gift today invested for 18 years with a 6 percent return could add up to $775 by the child's freshman year.

And why it’s important to your financial success

Efforts in the House and Senate would expand access to 401(k) plans for workers.

You have to have some savings even while digging yourself out of debt. If you don't, and a crisis comes up, you'll end up just going further into debt.

Should young adults take summer earnings and invest for retirement or use the money for college?

Donna Ivey’s family-owned health business keeps focused on care — and expects to gross $1.5 million this year.

The biggest factor affecting your score is on-time payments. It counts big time in your favor.

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The appeal of monthly subscription boxes is often convenience. Just make sure the service is truly saving you time and money.

How much money would you need to feel wealthy? A recent survey sponsored by Charles Schwab asked 1,000 Americans ages 21 to 75 what level of personal net worth would make them feel “financially comfor...

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There’s no one rule of thumb for everyone

The robust report offset any anxiety around the opening shots in a U.S.-China trade war.

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Rebalance-IRA aims to minimize risk and lower costs for middle-income savers.

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The way a will is handled can permanently change a family

Post columnist Michelle Singletary offers her advice and answers your questions.

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California's attorney general filed a lawsuit against Navient and two of its subsidiaries, Pioneer and General Revenue Corp., alleging misconduct.

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Knowing when to collect your benefits and understanding the system’s complex rules can be vexing.

Media mogul David Bradley divests another property a year after selling the Atlantic magazine to Emerson Collective.

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Don't be so desperate for a stream of retirement income that you skip over important details.

Things could get worse before they improve, but investors should stay the course.

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The good news for average folks is $3.8 billion of bad news for the Murdoch dynasty

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