Wish you were out at the mini-golf course? “Vista Golf” isn’t a substitute for a good day of golfing, but it is a fun, touch-based golf game that could help you pretend for a little while.

Players can line up their shots and decide how hard to hit the golf ball. Plus, they have to avoid hazards and navigate the eccentric bends in the course along the way.

Players aim, of course, to get the ball in the hole, under par. You can unlock achievement badges throughout the game, for both good and bad moves. (Part of the fun is figuring out what sort of failure will earn you a badge, like whacking the ball as hard as you can.)

Playing “Vista Golf” won’t improve your swing or your actual golf game, but it is fun, easy and certainly less expensive than a real round. Plus, you don’t have to carry your clubs.

Free, for iOS and Android .

Hayley Tsukayama