Google+ app
Making the most of a social network

Are you one of the 10 million (or more) people already on Google’s new social network, Google+? Then you should try out the social network’s app. This clean, easy-to-use app helps you get the most out of Google+, making it easy to update, share and view content through the network. Overall, it’s a fantastic port of the PC experience to your phone, reflecting the network’s user-friendly interface in every way.

The real draw of the mobile app is Huddles, a group messaging feature that makes making plans a snap. It’s not quite as useful as similar products such as GroupMe, as Huddles is limited to your Google+ contacts, but it’s great for quickly reaching several friends at once. The other highlight of this app is how it shares photos with your network. The app can post pictures directly from your mobile device, but it takes pains to make sure that you’re very clear about what you’re sharing with whom.

My only gripe with the app is that it’s not completely stable — particularly for iOS — but that is something Google will surely address in future updates. Free, for iOS and Android.

— Hayley Tsukayama