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How to protect yourself from credit card fraud

What you can do

Report any fraud on your credit card to the FBI website, even if your bank has already voided your card.

Change any passwords that duplicate passwords you use on other sites. A password manager is a good investment (and some are free).

Don’t use debit cards, only credit cards, for remote purchases; your liability is greater with debit cards.

When shopping online, paying with PayPal can add an additional layer of protection; it won’t reveal your card number or bank details.

Don’t swipe a card at the pump, pay inside instead.

Set up alerts on your mobile phone so you’re notified of every purchase made with your credit card.

Do the same for elderly people and teenagers in your family.

Don’t buy online at stores that don’t have a lock in the URL window. Call in your order instead.

Freeze your credit at the three credit agencies Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.