With a new video app for iOS, Instagram promises to stabilize shaky video with Hyperlapse. In addition to auto-stabilization, the new feature will also condense videos into trendy time-lapses. (Courtesy of Instagram)
Capture scenes via smartphone

Instagram’s latest app, Hyperlapse, gives everyday smartphone users a tool to make time-lapse videos through the back-facing camera of your iPhone. This sort of file is ideal for panning or driving shots to capture the scenery as it goes by the window, or for condensing long videos into something a little more manageable for the average social media user. The app also stabilizes the video you shoot, so your viewers won’t feel seasick when they watch your video of a ferry ride across the bay. Using the app is easy — just point and shoot — and the videos the app produces are added to your iPhone’s camera roll. Then they can be shared — of course! — on Facebook and Instagram.

The app doesn’t have many production features; you can tap to focus, but there are none of Instagram’s famous filters here. Users should also know that the app asks for access to their camera, photo storage and microphone in order to function. Free, for iOS devices.

Hayley Tsukayama