These messages are encrypted and ephemeral. (Kisapp)

Kisapp is designed around a fairly simple but rare principle: that having good security doesn’t need to mean sacrificing simplicity. This good-looking app is designed to protect user privacy and boasts end-to-end encryption — meaning the company couldn’t know what’s in your messages even if it wanted to. Messages are set to disappear automatically, and are deleted off Kisapp’s servers as well. The app supports photos, text and animated messages. It scolds users who take screenshots and will eventually block users who try to capture their screen too often.

One limitation is that you’ll have to persuade another person to download a new messaging app to use it. That said, the privacy features and ease of use make this app worth trying out for conversations you’d rather keep private. The app is new and free, but will cost 99 cents after its promotion launch period finishes. Free, for iOS devices.

Hayley Tsukayama