The app, available for Android and iOS, offers a taste of the mind-training company’s larger program. (Lumos Labs)

Does the hot weather have your brain fried? If you want a mental pick-me-up, Lumosity has an assortment of fun brainteasers to try this summer. The app provides a small but free sampling of the mind-training company’s larger program. Its handful of games are designed as daily exercises to improve your memory and your ability to focus. The app also tracks your performance over time, so you can see whether you’re improving. 

The science is still out on whether the claims by Lumosity and other brain-training games that they improve cognition are true, so go in with your eyes open — particularly before you consider buying the premium program, which gives you access to more games and other features for $12 per month.

That said, the app is worth a download if you are a puzzle fan.

Free for iOS and Android.

Hayley Tsukayama