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Dear Mommy and Daddy,

 I need an allowance. I will be turning 8 on April 14 and I think it's time I get an allowance. 

Here are my eight reasons:

 1. I do chores around the house.

 2. I could buy my own things like toys, clothes and snacks.

 3. You are going to be putting me on dishwasher duty soon and I think that is a great reason to get an allowance.

 4. I can help save money for my college fund so I can get a good education and get out of my mama's house.

 5. I do stuff for my brother and sister.

 6. I won't have to keep bothering you by asking, "Can I have this or that?"

 7. You won't even give me 25 cents to buy a gumball.

 8. Finally, I need an allowance so I can give money to our church.


 Monique Olivia McIntyre

Dear Olivia, your dad and mom,

Your dad and I have decided to give you an allowance. But you don't have to worry about your allowance being tied to any chores. 

You will still have to put the dishes in the dishwasher, do your chores and help your brother and sister whether you get an allowance or not. You should do your chores because you are a member of this household and everyone has to help out. 

 We are really pleased you want to help with paying for your college because when the time is right we want you to leave our home and get one of your own. 

 So, let's talk soon about how much allowance you will get.


 Mommy and Daddy

P.S. Even when you start getting an allowance, you won't be allowed to buy gumballs. Sugary chewing gum is bad for your teeth.

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