Looking to get a little programming knowledge on the go? Mimo offers courses in several languages, including Apple’s Swift, Java, SQL and C#.

The app’s simple design and succinct explanations make it stand out from the pack. Online programming tutorials, such as many online courses, can often lack practical exercises or quality explanations of exercises.

Mimo provides a nice balance of the two, aiming to offer hands-on experience without making users feel like they’re in over their heads. The reading level of the app is probably best suited to older children and adults, but a smart younger child should be fine.

An app alone may not turn you into a master programmer, but this is good if you want to get a handle on the basics or do basic research on how you should invest your time.

Introductions to courses are free, while more-advanced courses require you to subscribe for $6 a month or $50 a year. (You can subscribe for life for $150.) A subscription guarantees you access to future courses and material. Free for iOS.

Hayley Tsukayama