MindNode Lite
Take your mind on
a multibranch trip

This mind-mapping software takes a little getting used to, but it could be an invaluable tool for visual thinkers. The Mac application is a bare-bones utility that lets users organize simple ideas in branching sections. Record a thought, label it, then add separate branches to your main thought by clicking the plus sign that appears next to each new idea. The app makes it easy to move, delete, customize and color code your thoughts.

The app is ideal for taking notes in class, brainstorming or planning out basic programs. For $19.99, the app also has a professional version with a handful of extra features, such as the ability to add images. There’s also a mobile app for iOS, so you can take your ideas with you. Free, for Macs, with the option to upgrade to MindNode Pro for $19.99.

— Hayley Tsukayama