Nextag Radar
Track a product, find a deal

Whether you hate shopping or love it, most people probably like to score a good deal. Nextag Radar aims to help you do just that by using image recognition and barcode scanning technology to scour the Internet for the best deals. By design, users are supposed to be able to take a picture of a product — or scan its barcode — and the app will look for the best price. Taking pictures, though, can prove to be a bit tricky, so it’s more reliable to take the other option available and type in the name of the product.

There’s no problem with the main function of the app, which tracks items you ask it to keep “on my radar” and alert you about price drops and new product launches related to your product. For market research, the app is great, and the image recognition is a cool, if not completely reliable, added feature. Free, for Android and iOS devices. Best used with a camera.

— Hayley Tsukayama