Tracker Pro

Economy Tracker Pro watches more than 10,000 economic indicators from the national, state and county levels and has an RSS feed that pulls news from the Federal Reserve, the Congressional Budget Office and others. For $4.99, you can make an in-app purchase and get an economic calendar to keep track of data releases.

Free for light version, which does not have the option to buy the calendar. 99 cents, for iOS Bloomberg

The greatest strength of Bloomberg’s iPhone app is its financial news. The app also provides information on equity indexes, commodities, bonds, currencies and equity index futures. Set up stocks you’d like to follow on the “My Stocks” page and the app will give you the latest specialized news for those companies.

Free, for BlackBerry, Android, iOS and Nokia devices.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance offers customizable stock and market tracking as well as real-time and after-hours data. The app is a great resource for looking up broad indexes or focusing on a specific stock. Best of all, it allows users to easily access videos and articles from the Yahoo Finance news site.

Free, for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and many feature phones.